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High-Output Ultra Pure Shower Filters

The High-Output shower filter is a versatile reversible filter that delivers outstanding structural integrity and reliability. Easy operation and maintenance, combined with long-life performance makes this high-capacity shower filter an outstanding value.

The High-Output reversible filter combines superior chlorine-removal with a long-life, low maintenance design

Product features :

  • Easy Installation, Fits most Showerheads
  • High Capacity Reversible Filter Cartridge
  • High-Strength Housing
  • Greater Chlorine-Removal Capability

Special Chlorgon Media to remove:

  • Free Chlorine (Cl-)
  • Combined Chlorine (sodium hypochlorite)
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell)
  • Iron Oxide (rust water)
  • Dirt, sediment
  • Odors
  • Plus, it’s pH balanced

For Softer Hair and Smoother Skin

The American Chemical Society estimates that “we receive from 6 to 100 times more chlorine by breathing the air around showers and baths than we could by drinking water.”

The skin is our body’s largest organ and it is entirely chlorine absorbent. Chlorine chemically bonds with the protein in our skin and hair, making hair brittle and dry, and causing skin to itch, dry, and age prematurely. Over 50% of our daily chlorine exposure comes from showering. This is because chlorine is not only absorbed through our skin, but it is also vaporized in the shower and is inhaled into our lungs, and transferred directly into the blood stream.

Our patented Chlorgon and KDF-55 shower filters effectively remove chlorine and other chemicals from the shower, protecting your skin, hair and lungs from the toxic vapors that cause irritation, asthma and illness. The resulting pH balanced water is clean and healthy, giving you the most naturally refreshing shower ever. Without the harsh influences of chlorine, you’ll soon notice significant cosmetic benefits such as softer skin & hair almost immediately.

Heavy Duty Design & Functionality

Our High-Output shower filter is a high capacity universal filter designed to fit any shower head and shower handle. This durable, no-nonsense shower filter utilizes two exclusive patented filtration medias (Chlorgon and KDF carbon), to effectively remove chlorine from your hot shower. Constructed of a dense, high-strength polymer housing, the High-Output shower filter uses a reversible filter cartridge and is our longest lasting filter delivering up to 1 full year of trouble-free chlorine removal performance. Our patented line of high-output shower filtration products combine exclusive technology, functionality and aesthetic designs to deliver a healthy, chemical-free showering experience for you and your family.

High Capacity Reversible Cartridge


  Dimensions Depth= 4″; Height= 8″; Width= 4″
  Package Weight    3 lbs.
  Filter Media  KDF Carbon and Chlorgon

Dangers of Long Term Chlorine Exposure

Chlorine is a very toxic gas that irritates the respiratory system and can have an adverse effect on human health in concentrations of as low as 1 ppm (parts per million). Coughing and vomiting will occur at 30 ppm and lung damage can occur at the 60 ppm levels of concentration. At 1000 ppm, chlorine can be fatal after a few deep breaths of the gas. In fact, chlorine is so deadly that it was actually used as a chemical weapon in both World War I and the Iraq War.

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