Standard Homes RO-45

  • Ultra Pure & Safe Filtered Drinking Water
  • Fresh, Crisp Taste Superior to Bottled Water
  • 36-45 Gallons/day Output— Fastest Flow
  • 5-Stage Complete Reverse Osmosis
  • Easy Installation, Low Maintenance
  • FDA & NSF Certified Components

Trusted Quality in Drinking Water Systems

Hydro Teck 5-stage reverse osmosis systems are designed for durability and safety. We are one of the very few manufacturers who still insist on using FDA/NSF certified premium compnents made in the United States.

Our durable filter-housings can withstand extreme pH and pressure changes without leaking or bursting. Our advanced reverse osmosis membranes offer the highest contaminant removal rate, giving you the purest water possible.

For 17 years, we are known as the leading manufacturer of high performance RO systems. Our systems are built to meet the most demanding applications in water purification — from drinking water for homes, healthcare facilities, to research labs. Our durable RO systems last for decades, they bring years of enjoyment and good health to their users.

Ultra Safe, Ultra PureThe RO that guarantees ultra safe and clean drinking water for your family.
Automatic shut-offSystem shuts off automatically when tank is full without wasting any water.
Fast outputDrinking water is produced up to 4 times faster than other ROs (45 gpd vs.10 gpd).
Treats all types of waterTreats tap water, well water, hard water, variable water pressures and extreme pH.
Long lasting filtersOur filter cartridges and membranes last twice as long as most other ROs.
Low maintenanceVirtually no maintenance. Just change 3 pre-filters once a year (every 4,000 gallons).
Worry freeReceive highest quality products, expert support, lowest pricing and warranty directly from a first-rate manufacturer.
Free drinking water promiseThe only place which pays big for your referrals so you can have “free drinking water forever!”

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