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Our filter removes 99% of lead and asbestos and 62 other harmful contaminants.


Provides excellent long-term value – enjoy fresh, clean water for less than 12 cents a gallon.

Easy to Use

Is easy to use… and even better, easy to install. Everything you need is included.

Why Choose Us

Protect your family with one of the best water filtering system

We produce high-tech solutions in the field of water purification that meet the most stringent quality standards and customer requirements. Purification is carried out with the help of innovative developments of the brand.

Our Story

A History of Innovation

why choose us

Because Client Satisfaction is My top purity

When it comes to providing pure water for
your family, nothing but the best will be done.

Our Services

Industry Leading Technologies

Water Filtration

Water Softening

Water Testing

Who Choose Us

Our Clients

A genuine organization is a two-way road — thoughts and data stream straightforwardly and routinely, in light of an underpinning of shared trust and regard for each other’s skill — and our clients embrace this way of thinking. Our client list justifies itself with real evidence. Since our earliest days, we’ve been dedicating our hearts and brains to our clients, by giving them clean and unadulterated water.


Customers Reviews

“We have been so impressed with the quality of the water and the service that we had. I highly recommend Well Spring for water purification in any building.”


Restaurant Owner, Dubai

“I will be recommending this company not just because of the friendly helpful service, but also because of the quality products and reasonable prices.”

Mir Zulafqar

Business Owner, Sharjah

Get the truth about your water!

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